Gender and Family Perspectives Mainstreamed in Research Projects of Social Sciences

On May 24, an administration for Shanghai Plan for Philosophy and Social Sciences declared that two research projects presented by Shanghai Women's Federation were mainstreamed in a Guide for Research Projects for the 13th Five-Year-Plan in Philosophy and Social Sciences. Suggested research projects from SWF are associated with countermeasures to viewpoints updating on family and marriage and potential changes in career selection for women derived from the national policy to encourage second child birth.

At the beginning of 2019, Shanghai Women's Federation presented the Administration three proposals for researches in 2019 with two accepted, which is a new breakthrough for SWF's contribution to counselling research in honor of the local government for its decision-making. SWF Office and Research Center for Child Nursing in a Feasible Way did project designing and two societies for women studies and Marriage and family Enhancement shared their comments and suggestions with the designer.

In the coming days, SWF would continue its efforts to facilitate ideas and proposals for gender and equity between men and women and friendliness to families mainstreamed into government-requested counselling program to influence government in its decision-making with a success.