Themed Lecture Arranged to Mark "Growing up with Shanghai" & "Crafts-women Active in Branding Legend"

On May 21, a themed lecture was held by Shanghai Women's Federation, Association for Woman Pace-setters and Association for Chinese Branding Enterprises. The lecture held in Shanghai Museum for Science &Technology attracted more than 500 people.

As a part of Shanghai Festival for Science & Technology, four lecturers from branding enterprises as Shanghai Domestic Chemistry, Shanghai Three Guns Group Ltd. and etc. made presentations at the event to share with the audience their histories of transition in products-making in the past 70 years since Shanghai was freed from the KMT Regium.

Yi Ling, deputy president of Shanghai Soap-Making Group said that for years, the Group had kept its quality control in making soaps unchanged and endeavored to update its products to satisfy the market needs all the time. Cui Yueling, head from Three Gun Group stated that the Group persisted in spinning, weaving and clothing-making done by its workers for years, so as to keep its products with ensured quality. Chen Yan, from Butterfly Sewing Machine Company, disclosed that nowadays, sewing machine was honored to be a state souvenir based on its digital-aided elements, sewing machines today looked more fashionable and lighter in its weight.

More branding enterprises tried to update their products in terms of outlook and functions to attract younger customers, such as Shanghai Domestic Chemistry invented its perfume with a cocktail flavor and lipsticks with a white-rabbit-candy flavor. In fact, branding products were no longer cherished by the senior customers only.

Women certainly could play an important role in nurturing branding products as women had unique strength in R&D, quality control, caring for details and cherishing personal experience. In fact, there were many women pace-setters and women pace-setter groups discovered right among those branding- products-women-makers.