Family Crises Prevention and dissolvement Discussed at Xuhui Districts

On March 1, a seminar was held at Xuhui District to touch a topic on family crises prevention and dissolvement. The Seminar was hosted by SWF, Shanghai Bureau of Justice and Xuhui CPC Chapter. Xu Feng, SWF chairperson and Lan Qing from All-China Women's Federation attended the seminar together with the other VIPS and specialists from the related circles.

Lan recognized Xuhui's successful practice and further stressed the importance of dissolvement of family crises in time during her address at the seminar. The Seminar was ended with a monthly-long initiative for protection of women's legal rights unveiled.

In the past few years, Xuhui Chapter, SWF has succeeded in tackling domestic crisis by offering legal and psychological consultation to the targeted families, carrying out a drive to recommending and giving a wide publicity to "the Best Families" and establishing a combined mechanism and an intervention center with both legal government bodies and social institutions involved to prevent and dissolve family crises in time, which has enhanced social environment in Xuhui District.