Women's Home Ready to be Upgraded

On March 28, SWF hosted a meeting to call for upgrading women's home, a facility where women were able to get together for social involvement. Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson of SWF, attended the meeting together with SWF Staff and over 100 staff responsible for women homes in Shanghai.

At the meeting, Sun urged women organizations at different levels to give more attention to women's home upgrading project, since it was a good approach for SWF to reach women in the local. Sun urged women organization at the local government departments to utilize resources available to support women homes development, which were expected to be a floor for women to get involved in decision making of their own matters, as well as issues for the local government.

An Evaluation Team briefed the meeting a general situation about women's homes, including their success and shortcomings. SWF Chapters from Pudong and Qingpu Districts shared with the meeting their practices in the past days. Based on a review, SWF Human Resources Dept. disclosed its plan for evaluation and made it clear what to be done in the next step.

After the meeting, all participants in three groups, went to visit a residence in Pudong District, a residence in Jiading District and a residence in Fengxian District to observe women's home operation.

Upgrading project initiated by SWF since September 2018, would drive 100 women's home to be involved for evaluation and upgrading in 2019.