Five Actions ready to Start to Support the City Project

On March 27, Yang Pu Chapter, SWF launched its training for the city project on management of garbage. SWF would act according to the city plan to guide its 10,000 families for women, 200 family centers and 8.25 million households to get involved in it. General speaking, five actions ready to start soon.

Firstly, SWF would host 1,000 talks, seek for 10,000 families excellent in environment protection, train 10,000 domestic maids, recruit 100,000 volunteers and turn out a million families good at management garbage drive.

Secondly, Shanghai Institute of Women Lawyers, Lecturer Team for Family Education and Facility for Rural Women Education would take up the above-mention talks.

Thirdly, 10,000 families excellent in environment protection would be identified through various practices.

Fourthly, 32,000 domestic maids would be mobilized, 600 responsible staff would be trained and ten thousand volunteers grouped to support the city project.

Finally, a training on management of garbage in the public would present on April 27th to guide SWF at districts to follow it up.