"Zone for Women Business Starters" Unveiled in Hong Kong

On March 26th, a zone for women business starters was unveiled with 100 people from SWF and Hong Kou Government to witness the event.

Hong Liu, deputy secretary-general of CPC Hong Kou Chapter and Wang Jianzhang, deputy vice chairperson of SWF addressed at the ceremony and declared the zone open. At the same time, a couple of events took placed as well, in which SWF signed a contract with a Japanese corporation to support a contest for best draft for starting business, a zone numbered 1933 signed a contract with business corporations ready to settle down.

The Zone established recently was designed to provide women business starters with services related. Data available showed that women business starters registered with the Zone were up to 60%, of whom, 90% started their business in retailing. The Zone expected more business women related with science and technology to join in.

Women organization in Hong Kou District planned to do more in the interests of women business starters as offering training and contest, having environment enhanced, urging government to issue more policies feasible for women to run business, giving a wide publicity to model women business starters, teaming up tutors for guidance, providing women business starters with domestic service to clear off their burdens from the family life and displaying successful achievement from time to time.

The word came that Shanghai Unions for Women Engineers and for Women Scientists would give more guidance to girl middle-schoolers and girl university students on business starting. The guidance project has started since 2008, which has covered 85% of universities in Shanghai with 100 thousand girl students benefited.