Local Women Organizations studied to Upgrade

On March 20, SWF Human Resources Dept. sponsored a meeting to encourage ideas exchanges among women organizations with "Four New Features". Sun Mei'e, SWF vice chairperson attended the meeting together with 10 women organizations either from science and technology zones or from SOHO for business.

Participants at meeting talked mostly status of women organizations, daily-running formats and problems and needs. From the discussion, they found out that the women organizations with "Four New Features" attracted so far career women with highly qualified educational background, decent payment and younger than average, who demanded more on direction for starting business, qualification up-dating, psychosocial support and nursery service.

Sun recognized service and guidance provided by women organization at local and urged women organizations to focus their attention further on those newly-established women organizations with four features, so as to find out their rules of running for new comers to learn from.

Sun asked SWF Human Resources Dept. to play a role of linage in between women organizations to give more help as training and resources provision.