The 14th "Five-Year-Plan" Ready to Start Drafting

On March 20, administration from Shanghai Commission for Advancement of Women and Children hosted a meeting to get its ready for drafting the 14th "Five-Year-Plan". Its members from the local government bodies attended the meeting together with few professionals invited from local research institutes as Shanghai Academy of Politics and Laws and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. VIPS from SWF at the meeting were Chairperson Xu Feng, Vice Chairperson Liu Qi, and Zhu Qianwei responsible for the plan drafting.

Two professionals from the local academies talked on the latest situation on women advancement and challenges ahead and presented to the meeting some of their suggestions concerning plan drafting.

At the afternoon meeting, Prof. Peng Xizhe from Fudan University and Prof. Yong Xiong from the Academy of Social Sciences disclosed their ideas and initial plans for drafting the coming "Five-Year-Plan" for women and children respectively. Xu from SWF made a speech at meeting as well, in which she stressed four aspects as the coming plan should match with the best practice in the international community, well balance its advanced indicators for measuring women happiness and new indicators to reflect women's healthy life expectancy, clear off its shortcomings and disadvantages and ensure indicators correctly reflect women and children's advancement.