Research Team from CPC University at Shanghai

From March 13 to 15 , CPC University research team headed by Prof. Zhu Songyan came to SWF to gain more first-hand data to support her project on mechanism study of non-governmental organizations in terms of their faithfulness to CPC, pioneering feature and closeness with its targeted clients. On the team, there were professors and PhD students from universities in Beijing.

The team had a couple of meetings and visits during its stay in Shanghai, such as visits to An Qiu Resident Committee and 1st Yi-Zhan, a stop-over center for local residents in Hong Kong District, Ya-Qin Workshop, Yan-Zi-fan Nursery and a recreational center in Baoshan District and other facilities available for local residents in Huang-Pu and Xuhui Districts.

New facilities and ideas practiced since organization's reform have left deep impression on team members, in which they witnessed SWF staff diversifying their services available for the locals to satisfy diversified needs of different groups, both in and out of career.