SWF Young Staff Active in Volunteer Service

On March 1, SWF Youth League issued its call among its members for taking part in volunteer service to enhance their value system based on socialist philosophy.

At the beginning of this year, Shanghai city government approved an Act on Management of Garbage to keep the city clear, save and in order. Therefore, SWF Youth League answered the call and decided to list management of garbage as one of the important voluntary services for its members to get involved in, which was practiced on the 56th red date for marking Mr. Lei Feng, a model voluntary popular in the 70s of last century.

On March 3, Youth League Chapter from She-Shan Camping Center for Children went to a local community to offer talks on management of garbage for the residents there. In the end, Youth League members interacted with the local residents and their family members to get familiar with.

On March 5, SWF Youth Leagues members attended an initiative to reflect women's leading role in management of garbage, in which SWF Youth League members were registered with the Volunteer Team on Management of Garbage, listened to a talk on the same topic and joined in briefing the locals with knowledge of management of garbage, so as to guide the local people to be active in implementing the government act for garbage management.

More voluntary services offered by SWF Youth League Members, such as members of Women's School gave their time to elderlies in old houses on March 5 to talk and play with elderlies there. And some of them attended a Hot-line Service for Women and Children on the same day. In the morning of March 13, Youth League members from the kindergarten led children with to visit a local community to help the locals to have a better understanding of the city Act for the management of garbage through performance. In the afternoon of March 15th, Youth League members from the Research Center went to Xu Jiahui Subway Station to offer their help to more than 60 passers in need.