Xu Feng Researched at the Association for Listed Companies

Xu Feng, vice director of Shanghai Commission of Advancement for Women and Children went to the Association for Listed Companies together with Zhu Qianwei in charge of Administration for the Commission for a research tour.

Supervisors and secretaries from Seven listed companies as Bao-Shan Steel Company, Johnson Holdings Long-Yu Fuel Company and etc. attended the research tour and brought to SWF group their comments and suggestions on enhancement of women's contribution to the local economic development and agenda- drafting for women's advancement in the next five years.

During the discussion, Women Senior Administrators also disclosed their challenges and commented on topics as women workers' legal rights in production and time for accompanying their kids.

Xu recognized what the listed companies did to enhance their company's growth. She also encouraged the women senior administrators to make more contributions to the local social and economic advancement in line with their unique strength. Xu promised to offer more support to help career women to balance their career and family life.

Shanghai Association for Listed Companies was set up in 2011 with Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau as its supervisor. It has a membership of 288, among which, 14.33 percent are women-headed listed companies. Among all senior administrators, 20.72 percent are women. The association serves as a link to provide its members with opportunities for exchanges and growth.