Annual Gathering Held in Honor of Women Consuls-General at Fosun

On March 13, SWF held an Annual Gathering In honor of women Consuls-General to Shanghai at Fosun Headquarters. SWF Vice Chairpersons Weng Wenlei and Wang Jianzhang attended the event together with Consuls-General from seven countries as Ireland, Austria, Columbia and etc. Du Song-Yang, president for Shanghai Institute of Women Entrepreneur and Li Haifeng. vice president of Fosun attended it as well.

Li from Fosun extended his welcome to the coming group and shared with it the latest progress Fosun achieved. He asked SWF to offer its approval to a woman affairs group established at Fosun during his talk. Gu Xiaoxu, vice president of Fosun briefed the group Fosun's blue print and its responsibility ever held in the past years to help with the charity program. Gu gave an introduction to its women staff their involvement in the advancement of Fosun. Du from Shanghai Institute for Women Entrepreneur did an introduction to her institute. Afterwards, women Consuls-General were invited to join in the discussion on the topics as women's involvmen in the development of entrepreneur, responsibility to local community and a banlanced life between career and households.

Weng extended her gratefulness to Women Consuls-General for their coming and shared her ideas with the participants how SWF assisted Shanghai women in their career with a better environment available. Weng stated that equal opportunities for women to economic life and career development was of significance in protecting women's respect and interests and benefiting them to enjoy more legal rights in political, cultural and social lives as well as marriage and family life

Zong Ming, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai had a meal together with the Women Consuls-General after the discussion.