Environment for Business against Gender Perspective Discussed at SWF

On March 14, SWF initiated a research project to discuss environment for business against gender perspective. Weng Wenlei and Wang Jianzhang, vice chairpersons of SWF hosted the project together with a group of women entrepreneurs.

At the meeting, women entrepreneurs presented their personal view points on the topic, in which they were certain that simplification of procedures for review was expected, though the environment for business in Shanghai was quite nice and a fine management was also demanded to give more attention to women's advancement. Women entrepreneurs called for a reduction of costs for enterprises as well.

Weng shared with the participants her ideas about the background of the project and wished that the project would help enhance environment for doing business in Shanghai against indicators and data related popular in the international business community. Wang confirmed that SWF should voice out her statement including proposals on the topic the project covered.

Shen Kaiyan from Economic Institute, Shanghai Academy of Social Science headed the project and took part in the meeting from the very beginning.