Women Suffered from Genealogical Disease Visited by Ms.Zong Ming

On March 8, Deputy Mayor Zong Ming visited two women suffered from genealogical disease together with SWF Chairperson Xu Feng.

During their visit, Zong presented two women in sickness with seasonal greetings and allowances on behalf of the city government and encouraged them to make a light of sickness while having medical treatment. Zong wished the women recover soon before leaving.

The statistics has shown that 4.5 million women and times in Shanghai have been covered by the government-aided screening program with more than 300 million yuan invested in the past 12 years. Taking screening in 2018 for instance, 310 thousand women were screened and 33% of them were detected with genealogical disease, which was conducive to preventing sick women from a worse menace. In whole, women are for a medical policy "earlier screening, earlier medical treatment".

It is said that Shanghai Commission for Women and Children Advancement would update the screening program together with the medical specialists soon.