Women Gathered to Mark the 109th International Women's Day

On March 7, SWF hosted a meeting to celebrate the 109th International Women's Day. Yin Hong, deputy secretary-general of CPC Shanghai Committee attended the meeting and extended his seasonal greeting to women in Shanghai and women affairs workers. He made a speech at the meeting, in which he urged women group to bear in mind what the President Xi instructed and demonstrate their competence and ability along with the city development and make a bigger contribution to the city advancement.

Yin further urged women in Shanghai to be dream-seekers and dream-runners and wave their personal dream into the city goal and play a unique role in the city economic and social development, creating a healthy life style and facilitating garbage classification drive. Yin asked women affairs workers to well take care women in Shanghai and asked the local authority to support women advancement as much as possible.

The word said that ten Red-Banner-Pacesetters, ten nominated Pacesetters, 600 Red-Banner-Holders and 200 Red-Banner Groups were marked with prizes. In addition, 9 career women and 7 career women groups gained honors from All-China Women's Federation.

VIPs were invited to the meeting, such Sha Hailin, Zong Ming and Fang Huiping.