Women Elites Received by the Local Leadership to Mark International Women's Day

On February 28, Li Qiang, head of CPC Shanghai Committee together with his colleague Yin Hong received Red-flag-Banner-Pace-setters and women elites selected from those marked in the past 70 years and had a photo together.

Li extended his thanks to Pace-setters from 2017 to 2018 period and women elites at present for their contribution to the advancement of Shanghai economic and social development. He pointed out that though coming from different field and post, however each presented a remarkable performance to backup a slogan "women can hold up half a sky".

Li commented that women elites were a good representation of Shanghai women group, who were self-respect, self-reliance and self-supportive with moral quality of opening, creation and tolerance. Li also stressed that while striving for all goals to be completed, women in Shanghai were expected to be vanguards and play an active role in the drive for further opening-up and reform, to be creators for a happy life in leading the local community to cherish both motherland and family and to be contributors to pursuing modern civilization, practicing value system with socialism as a core and giving an attention to enhancement of families, family education and family morale, so as to enrich the local community with a fine morality.

Women elites Yu Lina and He Xiaoling presented their personal experiences both in work and life. They pledged to keep up their performance on their posts without hesitation as well as their faith towards the national goals and cause. They wanted to work even harder to make new contribution to their motherland in the days to come.

Mr. Zhuge Yujie, member of the Standing Committee and secretary general of Shanghai CPC Committee joined in the meeting.