Zong Ming at SWF for Research Tour

On February 27, Deputy Mayor Zong Ming went to SWF office for a research tour accompanied Gu Jinshan, deputy secretary-general of the city government. Leadership from SWF attended the tour.

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng reported Zong and her team functions and programs did by Shanghai Commission for Advancement of Women and Children, as well as an outline of 2019 plan.

Zong recognized the commission for its excellent performance in the past and suggested to do a better job in the following year as follows: firstly, getting oneself familiar with new problems and situation ahead; secondly, making a good use of assorted resources available to improve its ability and effectiveness in problem-tackling; thirdly, intensifying problem-oriented plan and evaluation, inspection, feedback, circulation, reporting and promotion; fourthly, keeping up structural development and rules amendment. Zong pointed out that the Commission should do more and better out of the needs of the city advancement.