Decision Made on SWF Headed Research Projects to Back up the City Counselling Program for Decision-making

On February 15, SWF, together with the City Commission for Women and Children Advancement held a selection meeting to decide on 2019 research projects related with the city counselling program.

A group of leadership and professionals were present at the meeting. Among whom were leadership and professionals from the City Research Center, Shanghai Society of Women Studies and Institute of Marriage and Households. SWF Chairperson Xu Feng made a speech, and Vice Chairperson Ge Ying-ming chaired the meeting.

SWF together with the Commission called for contribution for 2019 research projects since January and collected so far 26 drafts for selection. During the selection, all participants came to the conclusion that principles SWF put forward for selection were applicable, as researches in the benefit of decision-making was something different from that of general purpose, which were expected to fit needs not only for women group but also social governance.