2019 Annual Meeting Held to Discuss Important Issues for SWF

On February 14, SWF hosted a meeting to discuss over important tasks designed for a year at Shanghai Women and Children Service Guide Center. SWF leadership, directors of departments and administrators over local chapters attached to SWF attended the meeting.

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng made an important speech at the meeting, in which, she stressed that SWF should design its annual programs against four backgrounds as the city authority do such as what the Central Government expected Shanghai to do, what kind of situation is ahead of and etc. She stressed that SWF should progress its programs and voice out its statement to match with the important matters and issues the local authority cared. And she stressed further that SWF should renew its ways and means to improve its work efficiency by maximizing all resources available collaborated. In her speech, she repeated that SWF should be persisted in taking President Xi's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics at new era as its guideline to its daily work, serve women and children and protect their legal rights better by raising its understanding over the importance and value of its presence.

Staff present at the meeting fixed up SWF main tasks and programs for the year after a heated discussion and detailed how to proceed important ones as city projects for making household clean and beautiful, sorting out garbage and ensuring 19 measures to be realized to well protect legal rights of women and children based on SWF strength and efforts.