The 12th "Joyful Winter" Sports Meet for SWF Staff Unveiled

On January 31, SWF Workers Union operated the 12th "Joyful Winter" Sports Meeting at Shanghai Women and Children Service Guide Center. Over 90 staff attended the meet. SWF Vice Chairperson Sun Mei'e declared its opening.

At the event, all staff started with physical exercise to radio music and warm-up exercise together before the start of matches. It was followed by team sport matches such as relay, tower-building and etc. Various sport games were designed to challenge team coalition in a bid to enhance knowledge and understanding among teammates. In the end, Sun issued prizes to the winners.

For years, the "Joyful Winter" Sports Meeting, as a part of "Four Season Recreation Project", has been expected to keep staff fit and keep SWF united and healthy based on popular sports promotion among staff.