"Charming Spring 2019" Ended

SWF "Charming Spring 2019" initiative kicked off at Jin-Guo-Yuan, Shanghai Women and Children Service Guide Center on January 31.

Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson addressed at the opening to send her seasonal greeting to over 100 staff at the event.

The initiative designed and operated by the SWF and its Youth League Branch, has been running for five years, which is a charity-oriented game for members of SWF to share their kindness and generosity with those in need.

At the beginning of the event, the participants watched stamp carving by a senior retired staff, Chinese calligraphy writing and vocal singing presented by the other two staff. All present at the event enjoyed their colleagues' talents every minute of it. In the end, 132 staff donated 571 pieces of goods and 90 staff donated more than 10,000 yuan to Shanghai Children Foundation for children in need. The initiative was highly recognized by the SWF leadership.