Seasonal Visits to Women and Children in Difficulty

On the eve of the Spring Festival, SWF leadership went to visit women and children in difficulty across seven districts in Shanghai together with staff in local SWF divisions.

Women the leadership visited were mostly those who once were recognized as "Red-flag Banners" for their excellent performance to the local economic development. However, they were a bit difficult in their livelihood nowadays due to seniority, sickness and living on their own. For this sake, SWF arranged special seasonal calls to bring them with allowances and daily necessities to ease their livelihood during the holidays. A close-up conversation in between and tender care offered touched women and children's hearts, who were grateful to SWF for lending them a helping hand when they needed. During the visits, SWF leadership encouraged women and children in need to make a light of difficulties head of them and wished them recovered soon from sickness and difficulty. Children visited were inspired to make progress every day.