SWF Executives Active at their Research Tours

On January 24 afternoon, SWF Executive Committee organized a research tour on woman organization enhancement with "Four New Features", as a practice based on the Rules for SWF Executive Committee Membership that requiring its executives taking part in researches at least once every term.

Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson of SWF, led the tour together with 20 executives from 15th Committee.

The research tour group visited a Bio-tech Garden in Xuhui District and Zhonghong Life Insurance corporation, Ltd. where the group had discussions with the local staff to seek for a propriate approach for woman organizations there to survive and advance. Sun extended her gratefulness to the executive at the tour for their involvement and contributions. Sun further urged executives to learn earnestly Xi's instructions, instruction made by Ying Hong at the Assembly held recently and spoke up her suggestions on organization advancement and service offering by executives, in which, she suggested executives to reach as many woman employees in the business with "Four New Features" as possible and team them up as they were ready. She suggested executes to provide the woman organizations with "Four New Features" with a feasible guidance to ensure woman organizations' roles into full play as guiding, gathering and membership-serving. She suggested executives to take part in programs designed for them and play a leading role in their services.

At the tour, an introduction to woman organizations in business with "Four New Features" was presented for reference. It was said that there were 135 woman organizations which had set up to cover 5,366 woman representatives and 1,272 executives at grass-roots by January of 2019.

For the research tour was done right after the Assembly, executives exchanged their comments and suggestions among themselves based on Ying's talk in the morning, as how to network woman via woman organizations, and how to vitalize woman organizations..