Shake-up for Shanghai Association for Woman-entrepreneurs

On January 18, Shanghai Association for Woman-entrepreneurs hosted its 5th Assembly with its new body of Council born. The first meeting of the 5th Council was held right afterwards to elect its president, vice presidents, council members and supervisors as well. Wang Jianzhang, vice chairperson of SWF was elected as the Secretory General and Weng Wenlei was invited to the shake-up and make an address.

In her address, Weng send her congratulation to the Assembly and the Council elected. Weng recognized the Ex-Council its contribution to the Association advancement and inspire the newly elected Council to do better as leading the woman-entrepreneur group in Shanghai seize up the situation, identify pain in the neck ahead of them and make a light of difficulties to do their utmost in a good service of Shanghai "Four Brands Build Up" Drive. She further asked the Council to strengthen self-building with "In Service of Overall Needs, Local Community and Membership" as its motto and strive to turn the Association into a mainstay which guide membership forward in the correct direction through learning knowledge, exchanging ideas, collaborating each other, sharing win-win achievements, providing service between and make more contributions to the local economic development. Weng urged the Council to pay more attention to attracting prominent woman-entrepreneurs to join the Association, so as to provide them with a friendly environment for self-advancement and the development of local economy and social governance.

At the re-election meeting, the Assembly approved a work-report and financial report made by the 4th Council as well as revision for the Association Constitution. Honored President and Advisors to the Association were recognized.

It was the first time for the Association to have its Board of Supervisors based on "Guidance for Non-governmental Organizations' Re-election". Du Songyang, president for the 5th Council vowed to keep up fine tradition and good practices since the Association setup and lead the woman-entrepreneur team to upgrade its ability, enhance its reputation across the local community and take the Association further upwards in the coming term of office.