"Stars in Future, Dream in Art Satisfied"--Meeting for Coordination held in SWF

On January 15, a meeting was held in SWF for coordination over a project "Stars in Future, Dream in Art Satisfied", with participation of staff from SWF divisions in Pudong, Changning, Huangpu, Xuhui, Jing'an and Minghan Districts. Project supporters from Children's Palace and Children Drama Academy affiliated to China Welfare Institute (CWI), Shanghai Children's Foundation, Institute for After-school Recreation and Art Troup for Youngsters attended the coordination as well.

At the meeting, Liu Qi, vice chairperson of SWF gave an introduction on the project and shared her plan for action with her SWF colleagues and supporters from the other community. She stressed that all SWF divisions were expected to have a good coordination with the local authority of education in locating targeted children from the economically-difficult families for the project, in a bid to satisfy the children their dreams to get an access to art training program and further become professionals in arts in the future. The group to the meeting discussed enrollment in details to ensure the project a success.

The project to help children from economically-poor families with an access to art training was one of important projects offered by Shanghai Children's Foundation and a good tool for women organizations to use to better satisfy children in need.