TV Program of Parent-Child-Reading Encouraged for Intimate Parenthood

On December Dec. 28, a TV project to enhance parent-child-reading among families was detailed by Shanghai TV Station, Shanghai Children's Foundation, Service for After-school and Yuan-chang-liu Youngsters Art Troup, who were either hosts or organizers.

Liu Qi, vice chairperson of SWF commented after reviewing four videos for charity program. She further asked all groups involved in TV program on parent-child-reading to intensify their cooperation. Ji Xueping, noted TV hostess, gave an introduction to the TV program and a list of preparation done in the coming days. Groups related had a heated discussion over the project.

The TV program themed "Good Books Shared among Kids, Quality Parent-Child-Reading with Love" was to be put on TV show soon on the Chinese New Year Eve. It was expected to enhance a friendly environment for the local community and an intimate parenthood through parent-child-reading as well.