Idea-exchanges among Delegates to the Local Congress and CPPCC at SWF

On December 26, SWF gathered delegates to the local Congress and CPPCC at its office to report about SWF's proposals for the coming plenary sessions. Li Rong, chief of Women Sector to CPPCC held the discussion; Weng Wenlei and Ge Yingmin, vice chairpersons of SWF attended the meeting.

Ms. Pan Hong from SWF briefed the participants at the meeting that SWF was going to hand over 10 proposals to the coming plenary sessions for the Congress and CPPCC. The proposals were related with issues on legal right protection for women and children, advancement of women and livelihood and marriages. The delegates to the gathering appreciated SWF's openness and commented that 10 proposals focused on what the locals cared about were important both to the local government and residents as well. It disclosed that the proposals covered topics of governance of anti-biotics, allowing the third sectors to run day-care centers, establishing a system of supervisor for seniors, optimizing community facilities for children as well as promoting social enterprises etc.

Xu Liping, who served as delegates to the local Congress for four terms, suggested to improve ways of drafting proposals based on a pattern of "1 plus X", in another word, balancing a radio for group proposals and individual proposals.