Assessment on Gender Equality Launched at SWF

On December 19, SWF held a meeting on behalf of Shanghai Commission for Assessment on gender equality issues derived from the current laws and policies. SWF Vice Chairperson Liu Qi hosted the assessment.

Zhu Qianwei, deputy director of the Administration attached to Shanghai Municipal Committee on Women and Children's Affairs, briefed the local government's appraisal on its own on gender equality issue in 2018, especially its efforts made to establish facilities available for mothers and their infants in the public. The meeting called for a good connection between government's appraisal and assessment from the specialists.

Zhang Lili, president of the Association for Home Economics, introduced to the meeting proposal for making a law for home economics service in Shanghai. Prof. Peng Xizhe, chief of the Commission for Assessment shared with the meeting progress in assessing the Shanghai Code for Population and Family Planning. The meeting discussed over issues on law-making list from 2018-2022 for the local legislation body and performance on Shanghai Code on Women Protection. The Commission finalized a work-list for 2019 and recognized hosts for each of the issues ready for assessment.