SWF Meeting Held to Mark the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up

On December 15, a meeting to mark the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Opening-up Policy was co-held by SWF, Shanghai Society of Women Studies and Shanghai Society of Marriage and Family Studies. The meeting was also to review the achievements in Shanghai women and children development within the past 40 years.

Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, Prof. Pen Xizhe from Fudan University, chief of the Research Center for Women Studies of Fudan University and Prof. Yang Xiong, head of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences made key-note speeches at the meeting. Weng Wen-lei, vice chairperson of SWF chaired the meeting.

A group of VIPs were invited as speakers to a round-table Talk at the marking event, who were Ye Shuhua, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Astronomer and one of the Ten Best Promising Women in China, Tan Foyun, former vice chairperson of All-China Women's Federation as well as Shanghai Model Worker Wang Liping, Screenwriter of Shanghai Film Cooperation Group, Nationally listed Screenwriter and Pace-setter for the National Red-flag Banners, Wu Er'yu from Shanghai Airline Company, Shanghai Red-Flag Banner and National Model-worker and Cai Ting, CEO for Shanghai Zhuxiang Info-science Cooperation. Qin Chang from Shanghai Broadcasting Station chaired the talk.

In her key-note speech, Xu of SWF indicated that in the past 40 years, SWF succeeded in taking care of needs of the local women community, creating new tools and approaches to enhance women's advancement, perfecting laws and policies to ensure women's legal rights better protected at the very beginning, mainstreaming gender equity and initiating projects to benefit women and make SWF known to women. In their key-note speeches, Prof. Peng and Yang elaborated more on advancement in women and children studies.

At the Round-table Talk, the invited women elite shared with the audience more on their personal stories in the past 40 years against the background of China opening up to the outside world.

About 150 people attended the marking event, including full-time staff, retired staff and members of institutes.