Children's Forum Held to Help Children's Voice Heard and a Children-Friendly City Made

On December 9, a Children Forum themed "My City, I Have Say" was held at Broadcasting Mansion by Shanghai Research Center for Child-nursing under the guidance of SWF and Shanghai Municipal Committee on Women and Children's Affairs.

Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson of SWF and Zhu Qianwei, chief of the Administration for the Committee attended the Forum together with a group of children and their parents from the city.

Participants to the Forum, children and specialists, enjoyed a heated talk on topics as "I'll Say Yes or No at My Family", "I'll Forward my Suggestion on Safety", "I'll Seek for an Ecological Environment myself", "I'll Comment the culture I Enjoy" and "Development for Child-friendly City".

The Forum was designed to response to a goal listed in "The 13th Five-Year Agenda for the Advancement of Women and Children". In the past years, entrusted by the Committee, Shanghai Research Center for Child-Nursing started a research and projects on the related topic. As it reported that the research circulated 3600 questionnaires among children of 8-18 years old from 12 schools in 4 districts to comment on 6 topics as "Safety and Protection", "Fitness and Service to the Community", "Resources for Education", "Family Life" and etc. The questionnaires found out friendliness of the city was ranked middle up, in which the topic for "Family Life" was close to the top score and the worst score was given to the topic on "Children's Participation". Complains from children derived from questionnaires were less communications among neighbors and less access to participating to social life. Comments from children differed only to topic of "Safety and Protection".

Based on the research, the Center suggested the local authorities to pay more attention to subjects as "Fitness and Social Service", "Children Participation" and "Entertainment and Leisure" and do more improvement to inspire families and communities to have children's voice heard, offer more facilities available at residential areas for children and provide children with an access to social activities by taking into consideration their demands and needs.