Annual Meeting for "Sun-shine Volunteers Brigade" in 2018 together with "Sun-shine Hut" 20 Years Anniversary Marked

To mark December5, the Day for International Volunteers, a meeting was held at SWF to share with each other among volunteers, sick-children parents and doctors and nurses their memories of the past days and heart-touching stories they came across in caring children suffered from leukemia.

Shanghai Municipal Committee on Women and Children's Affairs was to edit stories occurred into a booklet, in a hope that the spirit "Contribution, Friendship, Help Each Other and Progress" would be carried on among volunteers and sick children backed up with their families, fought against disease would be circulated widely for the others to learn from. The Committee handed over flags to four hospitals for children and listed them as sub-brigades under the guidance of the Committee at the event.

The Committee initiated "Sun-shine Hut" project since June 1, 1998, which was designed to provide sick kids with leukemia with an extra space for recreation and game-playing, while having medical treatment at hospitals. The project was first set up at three hospitals, except Xin Hua Hospital. On June 1, 2004, the Committee led to set up Volunteer Brigade to upgrade quality of volunteer service available to sick children and their families.

In the past 20 years, Volunteer Sub-Brigades developed service of unique style as Shanghai Hospital for Children offered a pattern of "Social Workers from the hospital plus Volunteers", in their service, the fourth High School attached to East China Normal University joined the program to help sick children catch up with lessons left behind, a "Zhang Jie Dream in Music" was setup to help sick children to keep happy and a volunteer team "We are Together" was grouped to help sick children and their families to make a light of all difficulties. Shanghai Hospital for Pediatrics sought for a dynamic pattern for caring children with leukemia by initiating a "Club for Fighters", the first of its kind in Shanghai, with social workers from the Hospital, doctor volunteers and volunteers from the local community involved, in which a couple of projects were brought about such as a project to take care of sick children with tumors, singing group for sick children with chronic disease and etc. Shanghai Medical Center for Children worked out more projects by social workers of its own and charity groups from the local community, such as project "Magic Library", project "Art with Children", and project "Going back Home" which updated "Sun Shine Hut" program in the benefit of younger inmates. What was more that the Center brought to sick children "sickroom in peace" and "Treatment via games", first of its kind ever appeared across the whole China.

It has been 20 years since "Sun Shine Hut" was born, which ever plucked up courage and confidence of thousands of sick children with leukemia while were treated through a medial approach. So far, "Sun Shine Hut" program was registered with 4554 volunteers grouped into 70 teams and offered services over 68 thousand people and times via 8000 projects in the benefit of more than 220,000 children and times with time offered as longer as 170,000 hours.