The Best Script in 2018 honored for Women Starting Business

On November 30, Summit Forum on Women Starting Business and Invention was held in Chang Yang Valley together with a ceremony to honor the best business plans and projects for women starting business.

Weng Wenlei and Wang Jiangzhuang Vice Chairperson of SWF and Xu Jianhua, Deputy Director of Yang Pu District attended the forum.

The initiative in 2018 was co-hosted by SWF, Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Yangpu District Government. 57 drafts and 93 project- scripts were collected since June. Based on the initial and final assessments, 10 drafts were recognized as the best for starting business with logical ideas for creation and 10 project scripts recognized as the 10 best with a potential market, which were to be granted with preferential policy, if put into practice. SWF signed a contract with Yangpu District Government to establish a strategic cooperation relationship in nurturing more women to start business on their own by merging strengths of both sides.

The initiative was wide-range in its coverage of participation, superb in its quality of science and technology related and mature in drafts themselves ready to be put into practice, with those projects and drafts related with AI and big data technologies in particular.

Women Summit Forum on "Lighting up Dreams and Striving for Bright Future" invited a group of successful business leaders to make presentation at the event to share with the audience gaining from starting business on their own. That includes Mei Meng, as initiator of Qinghua Science and Technology Park and Yang Xiaowen, initiator of Dragonrise Capital.