A Survey done by CPPCC Female Members on Facilities for Mothers and Infants

On November 30, CPPCC members from Women Sector hosted a survey on public facilities available for mothers and their infants.

Li Feng-hua, deputy chief of Sector for Social Governance, Li Rong, head of Women Sector and Zhu Qianwei from Administration to Shanghai Commission for Advancement of Women and Children attended the survey.

The CPPCC group visited a breast-feeding room for mothers and infants at Pudong Airport, "Mum's Room" at Shanghai Tower and similar facilities at IAPM Shopping Center and the Xuhui Administration Service Center. The survey was done to check installment and signs on facility for users to identify.

A meeting was held right afterwards at which, Prof. Jiang Hong from Fudan University gave an introduction to his research on the topic related and Wu Qianyu from the local authority for medicine and health briefed the group the progress achieved to provide mothers with facilities to feed infants in the public. Staff from Shanghai Workers Union, Airport Cooperated and SWF Sub-federation of Xuhui District shared with the survey group their projects to benefit mothers and their babies.

Zhu Qianwei from the Municipal Committee on Women and Children's Affairs suggested to unify the signs for the facilities and had them known to the public in no time. Li Fenhua from CPPCC pointed out that it was important to respect people and keep their privacy untouched in the modern society. She suggested to further improve facilities available for mothers and babies to reflect care and warmness from the local community. More CPPCC members offered their suggestions and Wu from the local authority of medicine and health promised to put suggestions into practice in the days to come.