"Constitution to Households" Launched in Baoshan District

"Constitution to Households", a SWF program to promote national constitution was launched in Baoshan District on December 3, right before the 5th Constitution Day.

SWF Vice Chairperson Liu Qi, Du Songquan attended the event together with Du Songquan, head of the commission for political and legal affairs of the CPC Baoshan District Committee and other leadership related.

Du commented at the event that a network had established to ensure "Safe Households" project possible together with the local CPC Division, SWF and departments related and SWF Sub-federation of Baoshan District did an excellent job in offering a group of services to keep family in harmony, community safe and social life stable. He asked the local SWF sub-federation to keep it up and promote further among local women to learn constitution, better understand it and abide by it in their daily life. He hoped that the local SWF staff to make a good use of "Bao-jia-hu-hang", a legal-rights-protection alliance to reach women and families in constitution promotion, so as to make Baoshan District a more friendly community.

Liu Qi of SWF addressed that the year of 2018 was the 30th time for SWF to organize a Law-Promotion Week project, which was of great significance to families and communities. She asked SWF staff to work side by side with the local authorities in constitution promotion and to involve as many local residents as possible to increase their knowledge of constitution. She recognized performance in Baoshan District where SWF mediation service was accepted as a part of the local consulting service system, with which the local residents could enjoy more dynamic and approachable service at their reach.

At the end of the event, more mediators were recognized with certificates issued. "Five-Good" families read their response to answer to a call from SWF to welcome the project "Constitution to Households". Booklets of Constitution were circulated among the participants to read.

It was reported that 200 local residents attended the promotion together with the hosts and assistants.