SWF Chairperson at Zhang Jiang for Survey

On December 1, SWF Chairperson Xu Feng, SWF Vice Chairperson Ge Yingmin and deputy counselor Zhu Qianwei, deputy director of administration for Shanghai Municipal Committee on Women and Children Affairs visited Zhangjiang Science Town for a survey on women science workers there.

The team was accompanied by leadership from SWF Sub-federation in Pudong District and Zhang Jiang Administration Bureau for Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

The team visited three companies related with scientific innovation. Shanghai Jian Ying Digital Technology Cooperation was started by Hu Jingqian, a girl born in 1995. While listening to the introduction, Xu encouraged Hu to make a light of difficulties and wished her business all the success in the days to come.

Xu visited Shanghai Cha Bai Robot Cooperation and recognized its first-class technology in under-water detecting. During her survey tour at Shanghai Pu Lan Financial Service Cooperation. Xu and her group listened to an introduction to Pu Lan's history and entrepreneur culture which impressed them very much.

A group talk was organized afterwards, at which eight female scientists from Zhang Jiang talked their gaining derived from starting-business free from bounds. Xu commented her survey tour useful and came to a conclusion that SWF could do more to help with female business starters regardless of more demands and challenges ahead. Xu furthered that SWF would focused its attention on reviewing government policies related to ensure a fair competition possible. Xu called for a help from the local authority to set up "apprenticeship" to back up younger female business-starters.

Wu Qiang from Zhang Jiang Free Trade Zone responded that suggestions from female business-starters and SWF would be put into consideration and have them implemented as soon as possible. Lu Minzhi from SWF Sub-federation in Pudong District promised to intensified their contacts and connections with female business-starters and do her best to serve them better.