Training held for SWF HR Staff

SWF held a meeting and training for its HR staff from November 29 to 30 at Shanghai Open University. 50 staff from SWF-related organizations attended the meeting and training, at which a sum-up was made together with a plan for 2019.

During the training, lecturers from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and Yi-bang Training were invited to talk on invention in social governance and SWF advancement in transition and principles related with thinking and solving problems. On-spot-lecturing was also offered at Chang-yang Valley at to help HR staff open up their minds and improve their knowledge and ability.

On the afternoon of November 29, SWF held a HR meeting in between the training course, at which Sun Hongyan summed up HR program in the past year and shared with the attendance what to do in the coming 2019. At her talk, she stressed that the program in 2018 was good, because HR staff opened up their minds, HR framework was better off, more programs was offered to fit grassroots' needs and work style for HR was turned better. Sun indicated that programs in 2019 would focus on five aspects as furthering SWF reform, more attention given to both senior and junior elites, perfecting mechanism to look after women delegates and women standing members, bringing more resources down to grassroots and enhancement of HR contingent. At the meeting, HR staff exchanged among themselves what they did in the past year and what would do in the coming year.