Project for "Enhancement of Female Farmers" Summed up together with a Final for "Stories of Female Elites in Rejuvenation of Hometown" Held

On November 27, a sum-up and a final for story-telling held together to mark the 40th anniversary of the national policy of reform and opening-up.

SWF Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang, Zhang Guo-mei, chairperson of SWF sub-federation of Qingpu District, Ling Meifang, chief of Shanghai Comedy Troup and Zhang Hongyu, deputy secretary-general of Shanghai Story-tellers Association attend the event together with 150 audiences from 9 outline areas.

Wang from SWF addressed the audience at event that the project was good enough to be used as a tool to enhance female farmers' advancement and reflect their competence and charming wisdom. Due to an attention from the local government, the project proceeded very well with pretty good reputation among the locals. Wang called for a follow-up steps among her colleagues to inspire more female farmers to get involved in the project and lead them to make their contribution to local economic development, family advancement, community harmony and etc.

Zhen Ye, chief of SWF Development and Liaison Department, presented a project sum-up for "Enhancement of Female Farmers" which started five years ago. 52 story-telling events organized in 2018 attracted more than 20,000 female farmers involved across nine outline areas with 100 stories contributed by the local communities. Based on the collection, SWF has signed a contract with Shanghai Comedy Troup to present stories in an art form to ensure story-telling more vivid and attractive.