Swedish Friend at SWF for Visit

Gunilla Bokmark, director of International Relations Office of Gothenburg, the Kingdome of Sweden, made a cordial visit to Shanghai Women's Federation together with her colleague, Rikard Hallgren, policy advisor of Visitor Management, Sister Cities.

SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei received the visitors and had a talk.

During the talk, both Weng Wenlei and visitors shared with each other programs on the enhancement of gender equity of two cities. The Chief disclosed that her visit to Shanghai was to keep up a close relationship with Shanghai after an election of a new mayor to Gothenburg and get it ready to further advancement in gender equity between two cities. Weng recalled that she gained a lot from her last trip to Gothenburg and planed about a training program among teachers, as to inspire teachers to share their knowledge on gender equity with their students, who, in a hope grew up with knowledge of gender equity. The visitors from Gothenburg briefed some popular programs in Sweden in areas of human rights protection, such as programs to help immigrants to survive the life and communities.

Weng suggested to invite more specialists on gender studies from Gothenburg University to come to Shanghai for exchanges with Swedish government funding. Nevertheless, both sides expected to intensify exchanges between them in the days to come.