Ideas Exchanged among SWF Staff on Xi's Talk with ACWF Leadership and the Latest Congress for Women

On November 11, SWF hosted a meeting to encourage its staff to exchange their learnings and gaining based on their recent study project. SWF Chairperson Xu Feng chaired the meeting with over 120 staff participants.

Xu briefed Present Xi's talks when he was with All China Women's Federation (ACWF) leadership and when he toured Shanghai. Xu inspired her staff to gain a better understanding of President Xi's talks, to transmit Xi's instructions among women public as well as tremendous achievements gained since China's implementing the Reform and Opening-up Policy and pay more attention to applying what Xi's asked into practice. She urged her staff to do a good job in summing-up the past and planning for the new. She furthered all SWF staff should stick to the right direction and reflect problems and demands of women and children the sooner the better.

At the meeting, six delegates to the 12th National Congress for ACWF made presentations, who were Fu Qingyan from Shanghai Center for Environmental Inspection, Zhu He from Shanghai Committee for Science & Technology, Liu Xia from Shanghai Factory for Steam Turbine, Ma Hongying from Songjiang District Women's Federation, Sun Hongyan from SWF and Lu Minzhi from Pudong District Women's Federation. All of them pledged to be model women workers at the new era in the days to come.