Training Model Offered to Village Women Chairpersons

In October, all grassroots women federation chairpersons at village level took up their posts after shake-up. SWF hosted a training course from November 1 to 3, in which 142 of the chairpersons participated.

The three-day-training covered many topics as women organization and its programs, state policy on equity between women and men as well as talks on routine work for local women organizations and legal services. The training was proud of its curriculum of diversity, which included talks on situation and philosophy, talks on know-how and tricks for practice and knowledge-sharing and on-spot-lecturing. The training was delighted to find that each of the participants enjoyed her involvement.

The training, first of its kind, was designed as a model to fit the needs of grassroots women federation chairpersons at village level. And it was to run once a year to benefit 150 village women chairpersons in total with the rest covered by the training programs offered by the district divisions based on the model.