Seminar on Life-long-Learning and Advancement for Women Held Together with Think Tank Established

On November 20, a seminar on life-long-learning and advancement for women sponsored by the Society of Women Studies, Institute for Marriage and Family and Alliance for Women Education was held together with a think tank announced its establishment. Ge Yingming, vice chairperson of SWF attended the seminar with over 40 people present at the event.

Ge wished the seminar a great success in her speech. She recognized that the seminar held was an important step to apply President Xi's talks into practice, an approach to realize a call from the Central Government to upgrade the quality of the whole nation and an action to implement the spirit of the two women's congresses. In her speech, Ge urged women organizations and research institutes to focus their attention on the enhancement of life-long-learning program and ensure the program benefit women's advancement.

A group of researchers from Fudan University, Jiaotong University, East China Normal University and Institute for Women Administrators contributed their presentations at the Seminar to cover topics as contents for life-long-learning, educational enhancement for community women, AI impact on life-long-learning for women. Prof. Ma Xiheng from Shanghai CPC University commented presentations.

Ge also extended her congratulation on the establishment of the think tank for the women education program with six specialists granted with certificates of service.