The 10th Blind-Dating Gathering Marked at the Moon Lake Park

From November 16 to 18, the 10th Blind-Dating Gathering was initiated again at Shanghai Moon Lake Park.

Authorities from the district government and SWF attended the event.

A group of volunteers and facilities engaging in match-making were granted certificates to recognize their contribution.

Diggings from a research on favored dating styles were disclosed right at the opening. Students from Fudan University brought to the event their cute talk on marriage, which was a good reflection of young people's attitude towards marriage. A new media displayed its platform used for dating purpose.

In order to attract more singles to the gathering, the hosts offered three-day sport games for young people to choose from, which was expected longer enough for couples to get to know each other during games. Sport games included sport on boat, man-free plan installation and etc. The gathering kept some games untouched such as card-playing and afternoon tea time.