35 Years Anniversary for Sheshan Outdoor Game Center Marked

On November 22, the Outdoor Game Center at Sheshan marked its 35 years anniversary since it initiated its outdoor game project. Upon marketing the anniversary, a group of children were arranged to experience the "safe and rescue" game right on the center site.

Ge Yingming. vice chairperson of SWF, Dong Wei, director for the related city authority and leadership, staff form different departments attended the event.

At the marking ceremony, Ge traced back and recognized all progress made in the past 35 years in her address and expected the Center to start anew at a higher level and carry on its mission to bring children more wonders.

During the marking program, the leadership involved announced the facility for safety experience open. It was the local educational authority who helped with the completion of the new facility to train children keeping safe and getting involved in rescuing the wound. AThe Center had set up a similar facility to train children to keep fit and safe in September 2015. In the recent years, the Center has been offering a new project to train children keeping safe and preventing themselves away from disasters, which was appreciated by the local families and recognized by the local authorities with many prizes.

Sheshan Outdoor Game Center was established as earlier as in July 1983, which was once the first of its kind across the whole country. Its 35 -years-long history has witnessed the center with its ups and downs. The staff for the Center was determined to carry on the tradition without hesitation in the days to come.