Training Offered to Chairpersons at Women Organizations with "Four New Features"

SWF hosted a training in the benefit of 52 chairpersons of women organizations established at four newly covered career circles on November 12-14, to help them get familiar with women programs.

The curriculum for the training was diversified with both theoretical and practical courses woven together, in order to help trainees better understand SWF and its programs, studies on gender and equity between women and men, women's movement and leadership techniques inclusive of practical knowhow for women organization to reach their targeted women groups. The training also arranged field trips to the local facilities for women and women groups, from which, trainees all gained a lot with their vision opened-up, consciousness of responsibility strengthened and ability enhanced.

SWF prepared a list of services free of charge for those women organizations with "Four New Features" to help them do the similar training available for their teams, at least one course a year.

It was said that SWF and its network team had succeeded in reaching more women and women groups across the city, since the organization reform drive started. By the end of September, there were 110 women organizations, big or small, established among career women at special markets, professional circles, business office buildings, zones for creation and private business sectors, where used to be a blank for SWF.