City-wide Drive Initiated to Study the Ideas and Spirits of the 12th National Congress for Women

SWF initiated a drive to better understand the main ideas and spirits of the 12th National Congress for Women, as well as instructions delivered by President Xi at his talk with the newly-elected All China Women's Federation (ACWF) Leadership and it has reached to its height in no time.

It was reported that district divisions, SWF as Changning, Songjiang and Jinshan held their relay meetings on the above-mentioned topics either among all CPC members or CPC study groups.

In their study, SWF Changning Division pledged to draft its programs next year according to the instructions from the central and local governments and play a role of vanguard in the next round practice for reform and opening-up to make a contribution to the accomplishment of district, city and national goals. Changning group also indicated that they would contribute their share to the realization of the tasks signed to Shanghai by Present Xi recently.

Li Wei, chairperson of Jinshan Division, SWF relayed main ideas from the National Congress she personally attended to her team-mates and shared with her mates personal gaining from her experience at the event. She and her teammates were determined to do an excellent job in studying, relaying and applying into practice the spirit of the Congress.

Songjiang Division, SWF would host a group of meetings and lectures to relay the spirits of the Congress among its staff and the local women and guide them to make their contributions to the Songjiang all-round modernization drive.