Tea-party arranged to Mark the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up

As commemoration of the 40th anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up, Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF), Shanghai Society for Women Studies and Shanghai Institute for Marriage and Families ran five talks from a gender perspective, with over 200 participants.

On her way

Prof. Du Gongzhu from East China Normal Teachers University gave a talk on her personal experience seeking to go to university 40 years ago when China was ready to open up to the world. Prof. Du recalled that she was lucky enough to be enrolled by the East China Normal University when only 4.97% of university applicants were able to go to universities. She recalled her difficult student's life when she recited English words in the wind and ate her meals without any table. She urged her fellow school-mates to treasure opportunity available to learn and pay more attention to their psychological fitness while seeking for a perfect personal qualification.

In the past 40 years, ideas and thoughts on family education have undergone big changes along with the improvement of city economic situation, shake-up of educational policies and multi-cultural conflicts. The Women Studies Center attached to Shanghai Normal University invited Xiao Ping, a writer of children literature, to share her personal gaining with the participants on family education. The Women Studies Center from Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology invited three promising young researchers to give talks on career women with family education, essence of the Chinese traditional culture and a talk on British family education.

Male participation inspired

The Gender Studies Center attached to Shanghai University of Finance disclosed its research project on relationship between a healthy family and contribution from father. Zhang Zhihui, one of the authors of the research, briefed the meeting histories of men movement and development of men studies across the world by ensuring that men were important contributor to the family enhancement. During the meeting, Zhang Bohua, the ex-chairperson of SWF talked about her personal experience in which how she benefited a great support from her father and husband.

The Women Studies Center from Shanghai Polytechnic University arranged a talk on an intimate relationship and a romantic love to mark the 40 years anniversary drive. Zhang Yu, a promising young scholar, visited 67 women who lived and work in Shanghai in the past months. Among them 20 women were born in 1950s, 23 women in 1970s and 24 in 1990s. The researches tended to find out how women visited reflected their gender value systems to affect their attitudes towards the two matters. Yang Xiongduan from Guangzhou University offered a talk on marriages across Taiwan Straights in the past thirty years based on her personal experience.

At the very final talk, Pan Weihong, secretary-general of the Shanghai Society of Women Studies concluded that talks were used as a vehicle for experience-sharing, information-disclosing and information-circulating.