Introduction to the 12th National Congress for Women Relayed at SWF

SWF staff together with a group of retired staff listened to a relayed report on the 12th National Congress for All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) on November 8.

The report was given by SWF Vice Chairperson Wen Wenlei, and over 70 people were present at the reply meeting.

Wen shared her knowledge about Present Xi's talk with the newly-elected leadership for ACWF with the listeners as well as a brief introduction to the National Congress, including its agenda, election and revision of the constitution.

SWF would take up a follow-up steps to exchange ideas and gaining over the above-mentioned documents and talks based on a tentative study and unify their thoughts and actions into the new requirement on women's affairs set by the Central Government. SWF would carry out a series projects as commemoration of the 40th anniversary of China's implementing the Reform and Opening-up Policy.