CPC SWF Division Grouped for Studying President Xi's Talk with the Newly-Elected Leadership of All-China Women's Federation

On November 3, CPC SWF Division held its meeting to convey the main ideas of the 12th National Congress for ACWF and President Xi's talk with its newly-elected leadership.

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng did conveyance with Division members and department leaders present at the meeting.

Xu stressed in her speech that SWF staff should study earnestly President's talk with ACWF leadership, Present Xi's instruction on women and children's affairs and the Central Government's address at the Congress and unify SWF thoughts and actions into the requirement from the central government concerning women and children's advancement. Xu asked her staff to share what was conveyed on the important issues with the local CPC Division and governments as well as women masses as soon as possible. She further called for summing-up the past year programs and drafting plan for 2019, based on the important instructions and directions conveyed. The meeting also encouraged the staff to give a wide publicity to 40 years anniversary of the open-door policy issued since among women masses, so as to inspire them to do more contribution to the China's Dream program.

The meeting forwarded a follow-up plan to drive more staff, including retired staff to get familiar with the main ideas of the above-mentioned important issues in the days to come.