Shanghai Delegates to the 12th Chinese Women Congress at Mobilization Rally before Leaving

A mobilization rally for all Shanghai delegates to the 12th Chinese Women Congress was launched by Shanghai Women's Federation on October 27, as a preparation for the Congress to be held in Beijing from October 29 to November 2.

Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF chaired the rally and Yin Hong, deputy secretary-general of CPC Shanghai attended the event.

Yin shook hands with every delegate before the rally started and delivered a mobilization speech on behalf of the CPC Shanghai. Yin said that the Congress to be held was of great significance against the background when China was at its decisive stage for fulfilling a goal of moderately prosperous society and arrived at a new era for the socialist development. He said that the Congress would be certainly a guidance for all Chinese women to play a more important role in the national political life and economic advancement. He urged 59 delegates from Shanghai on behalf of 12 million women to do as he wished. Firstly, earnestly carry out their missions signed. Secondly, abide by meeting rules and regulations to reflect Shanghai career women's charm. Thirdly, better understand the main ideas of the Congress and put them into practice as soon as possible.

Xu from SWF introduced about the formation of Shanghai delegation to the Congress, and stressed that it was a political task full of glory and importance for all delegates. She asked the delegates think attentively about issues related with women and children advancement and forwarded their opinions and suggestions to the Congress without any hesitation. She also requested the delegates to do their duties from professional perspectives and respect disciplines to ensure the Congress a great success.

Wan Xiaolan, chairperson of Sub-Women's Organization of Xuhui District and Prof. He Mingjuan from Tongji University made presentations at the mobilization rally in answering calls from the leadership. All delegates to the Congress were present at the rally.