Junior Officials Serving Temporary Positions at SWF Welcomed

On August 31, Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) welcomed nine junior officials who were ready to serve temporary time at SWF to enrich their personal career experiences. SWF Vice Chairperson Sun Mei'e attended the ceremony.

Sun extended her warm welcome to the new comers and briefed them SWF and its main programs in recent years. Sun put forward three dos as urging the new comers to get into SWF as soon as possible, sharing their personal experience with SWF staff in reforming SWF and providing their comments and suggestions without any hesitation when they had.

Sun also urged the department who were ready to take new comers to provide them with a better environment for work to ensure their career development, assist them to practice as they want and give more attention to their personal demands and career enhancement.

Sun Hongyan, head of the SWF Human Resources Department, briefed a story for recruiting junior officials serving temporary position at SWF.

Nine junior officials had personal introduction one after the other and all pledged to cherish the opportunity to serve temporary position at SWF.